Gillette Carnival is in Town!


It’s that magical time of year when cotton candy, fried dough, and spinning rides are the highlights of a child’s life. The Gillette Carnival is in town!

The Gillette family has always donated a part of its proceeds to different charities. For the last two years, Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation has been one of the recipients. Their support is greatly appreciated as is the support of the Loiselle family who made this happen.

This year’s carnival is June 5-June 10 at The Town of Halfmoon park. The very best part of this carnival is on June 7, when it’s Melodies Center Family night! From 6-10pm, children battling cancer get a free pass on all the rides, which is donated by Gillette. They have a night of fun and not worrying about their treatment or how cancer has completely flipped their lives upside down.

Contact Courtney Hill at The Melodies Center if you and your family would like to go.

Gillette Carnival 2018 Flier

Their parents can take a break, because teens from Nick’s Round Table will be there to join them on the rides.

One of my greatest joys in forming Nick’s Fight to be Healed is hearing laughter and see smiles on our children’s faces. It’s takes more than medicine to heal a child and that is why we here. Gillette Carnival is making our job even easier.

For more information on the show, visit Gillette Shows


What Brings us Together

News about the Gillette Carnival has been flying around social media. Last week for 6 days, the show was in the Town of Halfmoon and we had the opportunity to tell hundreds of people about the foundation. It’s not often that I get to meet many of the families, but I was fortunate to meet some on a special night that we dedicated to wearing red in honor of those children fighting and in memory of Nick and those other angels who lost their battle. Each day brought new blessings.

I met Alicia who lost her teen daughter, Brandi, in 2013. She had her other children with her and it was wonderful to be able to hug her and give them a chance to bring some laughter into their lives. I was able to connect Brittney and Kacey who have similar restrictions due to their illnesses. But seeing them lively chatting together while they filled 300 bags (thank you!) was so inspiring. They refuse to let side effects run their lives. They see the magic in the moment, even though some moments are so bright.


Little Abby and Bella both gave me heartwarming hugs, as well as all the families who came. Those connections are a lifeline when the cancer journey gets tough and so inspiring to keep us all going in our mission to fight cancer.


Connecting is essential to battling any disease and getting through it whole. Maybe not the same as you were when you started, but whole in spirit and heart. Yes, we are never the same, but when we come together as a cancer community, we know we can get through anything and come out stronger, truer to what matters, and loved.

Thank you to the Gillette Family, the Loiselle’s who made this connection for us, Kevin Tollisen, Halfmoon Town Supervisor, all the volunteers who helped throughout the event, and the community for coming together to laugh, heal, and spread hope. In addition to all the gathering together and having fun, The Gillette Family donated $10,000 to Nick’s Fight! Our appreciation is endless!