There’s Nothing Like Girl Time!

There’s nothing like having a couple girls come to where you live with bags of goodies and lots of hugs.

There’s nothing like four other girls arriving with balloons and laughter and even more hugs!

This was the scene at the Ronald McDonald House (RMHC) in Albany on Sunday. Naya was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia in December 2013 and is still in treatment. Recently Tim Stowell of the Green Drakkoman Foundation posted on Facebook that Naya and her family were being evicted because their landlord refused to fix and address some code violations that negatively affected Naya’s health.¬†They were homeless and Naya was in the hospital.

Doing what they do best, Debbie Ross and the RMHC of the Capital Region welcomed Naya, her 5-year-old sister and parents into their home. The stress that was reduced because of this was priceless. Imagine having a child with cancer and no home to go to.

Katie Collins, the co-president of Nick’s Round Table, saw Naya’s post and immediately went into action. She wanted to do a fundraiser for her and brought it up at their monthly meeting. Leaves of Life were added to a tree that Erin Doescher drew with incredible skill for a $1 donation. The group raised $153.00. By the way underneath those leaves are the most intricately drawn branches and a heart.

Maya’s Tree of Life–Front Row L-R: Mackenzie & Naya; Back Row L-R: Katie Collins, Lauren Sawicki, Liz Sibson, Maddy Healy, Kendra Sisco, Becca Abel

Next, Katie reached out to Tina, Naya’s mom, to arrange meeting the family and spend time with Naya and her sister, Mackenzie. She reached out to the board and including myself, 7 of us went to share some girl time.

Naya opened the door before we could even ring the bell. She anxiously waited to meet Katie Collins and Lauren Sawicki who were just as excited to meet her. They came bearing gifts like a huge donut pillow and a purple hat and scarf that Naya didn’t take off and best friends necklaces for Naya and her sister.

Then Kendra Sisco entered with brightly colored balloons, followed by Maddy Healy, Becca Abel, and Liz Sibson. The girls were ecstatic! With enough energy to light all of Albany, the girls headed outside, which gave their mom a little breathing room and time to decompress.

Naya holding one of her balloons and vibrantly wearing her new hat and scarf!

What struck me the most about Tina was her positive attitude and deep gratefulness. She told me that Nick’s Family Hope Bag was the first connection to anyone when Naya was diagnosed. She read the brochure about Nick, who had the same exact diagnosis as Naya. Instead of feeling dread, she felt like she was being taken care of and comforted. She knew they would be all right.

Lauren and Naya

Katie with Mackenzie and Naya out by the playground

Liz and Naya goofing around in the playroom!

So many people and foundations have come stepped up to help this family stay together. The love that filled the room yesterday can only heal. The beauty and synchronicity of reaching out and giving because you can’t imagine doing anything else is what makes this world a fantastic place to be.

Until the next girl time, Naya!

If you would like to support any of these foundations and Naya directly, please visit these websites:

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Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region

Green Drakkoman Foundation