Childhood Cancer Awareness–Team Support

We have said that when a child is diagnosed with cancer, they become part of a family that they might not have wanted to be a part of, but it’s a family that makes the journey bearable.

Most familiesI know create a team name to unify their family, raise awareness, funds, and provide hope. It’s in our nature to rally for the underdog, the team that is beating the odds, and is determined to win.


These team names and slogans a only a few of the hundreds of families just at The Melodies Center who pull together to make miracles happen. In addition to current research and safer treatment, families need emotional support. They need their team.

Every family handles cancer differently, but everyone needs to know they have a team in their corner who will remain with them through their entire journey. Family and friends who help take care of siblings, cook dinner, clean the house, mow the lawn, and be there with a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes despite our best efforts, we lost one of our teammates and we are never the same. We miss Justin, Nick H., Reese, Markel, Nick C., Lucas, Maddie, Ben, Myles, and so many more. But our team never quits, because there are other children and teens who are still playing this challenging game of cancer.

The families who lose their child must not be forgotten. They are always a part of our team and still need support and love.

No matter what team you are on in cancer, everyone wants you to win, to have a child who is healed and will live a full life.

Please share your child’s team slogan if you have it on a t-shirt or the words. Inspiration often comes from our hardest moments, but our teams gives us hope.

Raise awareness for childhood cancer during September and all year long.


2 thoughts on “Childhood Cancer Awareness–Team Support

  1. Love this 💗 Gracie hasn’t wanted a team name…but, now as we are at the cusp of our six month countdown to end of treatment, she decided: Gracie’s Fight.
    Bracelets and countdown T Shirts to come soon, thanks to Logan Strong Foundation. 😊 So thankful for the team we’ve met at Melodies…we’ve been very short on family support, but our new family has been a blessing for sure!

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