Nothing Tidy about Cancer

What in this photo does not belong?

Nick’s Run is 14 days away. As I’m cleaning up my kitchen counter after doing some late night work for our biggest fundraiser, I laughed at the book that was in the middle of my mess. 

There is nothing tidy about battling cancer. Life gets unruly and upended really fast, especially when you go to the hospital and your child ends up being admitted. It can be weeks before they can go home. With months or or years of treatment, a tidy house or a calm schedule doesn’t exist anymore. 

The only tidy aspect of a cancer diagnosis is perspective and priority. You see that handsome little boy on the run brochure? Lucas and every other child diagnosed become the priority. Keeping a family whole becomes difficult, but as parents we work hard to make it happen. 

The little things that use to bother us and still bother people not directly affected just make us shake our heads. It just doesn’t matter anymore. 

Whatever it takes to heal their child is the biggest priority and so many decisions are based on what is best for the sick child. This can have a huge effect on siblings and not always positive. 

There is nothing tidy or neat about the decision to treat your child with a medicine that will cause lifelong side effects. But it has to be done. 

Tidying up can be life-changing and maybe some day I’ll read this book, but not while children are suffering and fighting to survive. 

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