And So We Begin Again

On December 22, 2016, our board of directors from the foundation and Nick’s Round Table officers took a break from the holiday craziness to get to what really matters.

We traveled down to the cozy Amedore Room that is a safe haven for families whose kids are in patient on the 7th floor.

Nick’s Round Table officers and alum with Bella!

It provided a warm atmosphere and the perfect place to be surprised by my little darling Bella, who is one of our strong and incredible Nick’s Warriors.

Our board of directors-proud to serve!

Bella helped us to present a check for $40,000 to help fund the vital child life specialist position that Angie Silipigno holds in The Melodies Center.

Arts & crafts, movies, and video games donated monthly.

I say this position is vital because Angie and the other child life specialists and social workers play a key role in healing the whole child during their cancer journey. A bond that runs as deep as blood forms during this time of uncertainty, pain, fear, and life disruption.

Bella with Angie, our Super Child Life Specialist!

It takes a special person to be able to go beyond the call of her job and open her heart to children who suffer so deeply. But in doing so, Angie teaches kids and their families that love can heal, open communication can soothe, and hope nevers ends.

For 8 years, we have supported this position, in addition to the myriad of others services that are designed to reduce stress and aid in the body, mind, and spirit healing.

So as 2017 begins and we start raising funds to continue these valuable services, we take a moment to thank everyone who supports us in our mission. We thank Angie, Courtney, Lisa, all the nurses, doctors, and dedicated staff who heal our very sick children, and we remember with love our children who have passed from this horrible disease.

Healing children with cancer is our driving force, and we look to our community to keep us on our path.

Happy New Year and best wishes for healing, lots of love and hope.

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