Energetic Amelia


I first met Amelia at the 2015 Abby and Matt’s First Dance Celebration. She and her parents sat with me at our table. Amelia was a bundle of energy and to be honest, I didn’t even know that she was a cancer patient. She danced and hugged the other kids and had a fabulous time.

Her mom wants everyone to know that cancer is not contagious. Educate your children so when they see someone in school who is bald or sick, they don’t point and whisper. They are going through enough. Let them be children. Don’t put them in a bubble as much as you want to, for someday they will be healed and back into the world. Keep day to day as normal as possible. This is their life, their memories don’t make them all sad about sickness!

As parents we need to protect our children and watch what other people say in front of them so they aren’t scared. They listen and they watch how you react. There is a time to cry from the stress and your own fear, just not in front of your child who is trying so hard to be brave.

Jessica, Amelia’s mom wrote:

“Amelia gives me my strength and hope every day. People keep saying to me ‘you’re a strong woman, Jessica, Amelia gets her strength from you.’ But they are wrong; I get my strength from her. She is always smiling. My boys and Amelia dad, and my parents give me strength. They are my rocks. Each and every one of them help me in one way or the other. Your immediate family is the most important during this time. You will lose some friends, but you will make lifetime ones.”

“Then of course last but not far from least Albany Med Melodies Center team of doctor and nurses, Courtney and Angie and D7 floor from the nurses, PA’s, front desk people, cleaning ladies, everybody and anybody that has worked in some way on D7. All of them are always there for us and give all of us support and hope. They become your family. They will always be in my heart and a part of my life.”

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