Kharismatic Kendra


Kendra jumped into fighting for her health just like everything else she does–full force. I remember meeting the entire Sisco family at Mocha Lisa’s when they contacted me about Kendra having her 16th birthday party and wanting to make it into a fundraiser for the foundation and The Melodies Center. Her parents, George and Sue, and her big sister, Kailyn, all were there. I could tell immediately that they had a strong family unit.

Kendra had a huge bash and it was the beginning of her philanthropic lifestyle. I believe she has learned it from her parents as they are both very giving and have that ‘get it done’ attitude. Kendra then became part of Nick’s Round Table, which had a huge part in helping her connect and educate students at Shenendehowa High School about teens with cancer. Our perceptions of what kids with cancer should look or act like is very varied. Kendra showed that bald or hurting, she could still be involved, even after missing so much school.

Kendra was co-vice-president of the round table and was Leukemia & Lymphoma’s Girl of the Year in addition to other events she was involved in. Everyone deals with their cancer diagnosis however they see fit and what feels right for them. Even now that Kendra is locally attending college, she recently came to Nick’s Run to be Healed with her family in full force and a powerful team of supporters for Kendra’s Kure. Her cancer journey has led her on a gratifying path.

Kendra’s parents have shown how important it is to make sure your child knows that they are not alone. There are many loving and caring people willing to help, share and advise.

George and Sue express that, “Knowing that there are cures for many of the illnesses and that there are still good people in the world get us through. The people we have met including nurses and specialists will be friends forever. Also giving back to others and seeing it make a difference is empowering.”

We are thankful for Kendra’s health and to have her family’s support!


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