Amazing Abby


Abby is amazing in many ways. She is full of vitality, spunk, sass, and love. I had met Abby after she “married” nurse Matt and the wedding video went viral. Her mom, Renee, wanted to have a wedding/dance reception so Abby and Matt could have their “first dance.” The idea spread into a celebration of all our children who are battling and their families.

I have to say that Abby & Matt’s First Dance Celebration is one of my favorite events. I think because that is what it was–an event. We didn’t worry about raising money, we created a safe and festive space for our children to have fun and express their joy of life. It was so successful that it will happen again this year! Mark your calendar for November 5 for “Dance to be Healed!”

This is what Abby does every day. She has so much energy! Every time I see her either at her Lemonade Stand to raise money for childhood cancer research, or at the very successful carnival, or our pig roast, she immediately tags me, says, “You’re it,” and runs! Of course I have to chase her! Abby exudes a warmth and energy that draws people to her, as she freely gives her love.

Abby’s friend, Regan, who was featured this month, was diagnosed with the same exact type of cancer as Abby. It’s disturbing. But Abby takes her supporting role very seriously and looks after Regan. At our summer pig roast, Abby twirled Chase around in a circle, and they laughed uproariously. Abby radiates joy, and I love to be around her.

Living Life Large. That is what our kids with cancer do when they can, because they know first hand that they can be trapped in a bed or the hospital at any time. So they live their life in the present. So much we can learn from our cancer kids. Live life now. Here. Take in the moment wherever you are reading this and absorb the message.

I agree with Abby’s mom, Renee, when she says that, “Watching a child battle cancer is an inspiring and difficult thing. They will encourage you to want to change the world, starting with better treatment and more research.” Abby and all the other children battling encourage us to make a difference and be better people for them.

Abby’s family takes her treatment day by day and are so excited that she will be done this October! They appreciate all the support they have received and give back by being involved in so many fundraising events.

Keep Sparkling, Abby!


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