Where There’s a Will


There’s a way. We learn a lot about ourselves when tragedy or illness strikes. So many people talk about strength and bravery in the face of adversity and that what we do when we are tested and how we respond is what defines us. Everyone has their own way of getting through a cancer diagnosis. Every family reacts differently, every child responds in their own personal manner.

No matter how many times a parent says that they wouldn’t be able to handle it if their child had cancer, they find a way. They find the strength to make it through every day, because they have to be strong for their child. And boy do they find out what their child is made of. Children are so resilient, that they don’t see any other option, but to get through the treatments. They want to enjoy life and get back to the good stuff.

Childhood cancer brings so much fear and uncertainty into our children’s lives and yes they are so brave. Look how beautiful Will is in his photo. Even at his young age, he digs deep to find the courage to fight.

They find their way and they become stronger for it. Will’s family has a powerful faith that helps them in every moment of their lives. It’s what works for them, and that is wonderful that they have such a powerful connection to see them through the hard times. They acknowledge the physical gifts that are given to Will, and it shows that others care. For a moment, they don’t feel so alone.

What a gift to give a family. To say hello, to ask how they are doing and really care what the response is. And if they aren’t doing well that day to find out what you can do to help ease their day. Families find a way. We need to keep finding ways to ease the fear, the loneliness, and the pain. Take action. Share and be aware.



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