Myles of Smyles


Myles and Marcelle are twins. I can’t claim to know what it’s like to be a twin, but I have twin nephews and cousins and have often seen the intricate connection and bond. Sadly, Myles passed away before I ever met him, but I have met his brother, and I see that light and strength in Marcelle that I’m sure Myles encompassed.

Losing a sibling is traumatic. Nick was two years older than Stephen and a big brother in every way. He was the talker, the protector, and the guide. Losing Nick left a big gap in Stephen’s life, especially being that he was his only sibling.

Losing a twin must be like losing a limb. There’s that connection that twins feel beyond regular sibling relationships. Sadly, siblings are separated because of illness and then losing one is traumatic.

I can’t begin to know what Marcelle or Stephen or the many children who have lost siblings are feeling. It’s a different kind of loss and one that has to be addressed. My husband and I basically let Stephen play on a computer for a year after Nick died. We couldn’t function, and Stephen was lost.

When we finally came up to breathe, we knew we had to do something. Both Stephen and Marcelle have become powerful supporters of the foundations that both their families have started. Myles of Smyles Foundation provides wonderfully imaginative playgrounds as retreats for children to have fun. They help other children and provide that outlet to allow them to still be kids.

Children who are battling cancer are children first and that theme is paramount in Myles’ foundation. Myles’ mom notes that we have to recognize that the battle they fight is unlike any other and one that no child or their family should ever have to fight. Support them and especially their siblings.

Looking into her son’s eyes gave Laurel hope every day. I’m sure looking into Marcelle’s and seeing him carry Myles’ positive spirit forward is inspiring. We moms always hope for a cure and until then we keep fighting in the ways we know how.

For more information about their foundation, go to Myles of Smyles Foundation.

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