Loving Lexi


I met Lexi’s parents 3 years ago at The Purple Tie Affair that supports Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Nick’s Fight. Luke and I attended, and I signed copies of my book, What Makes Them Amazing: Inspiring Stories of Young Adults Battling Cancer. I know that Tom and Jodi were in the midst of their cancer battle with Lexi, and whatever the reason they decided to come that night, I was glad that they were able to go out and have a bit of a good time.

Plus it gave me the opportunity to meet another family who needed an emotional connection and support from others who understood. All along Lexi’s journey, she has been actively involved in events that raise awareness and funds. Her dad has DJ’d at Trending 4 Fashion and Nick’s Run to be Healed, and he will be at our run again on September 25.

Parents of children with cancer want to give back. I think because it’s so hard to accept help that we feel the need to give that support back in some way. Others just love and need to have that continual connection. A fundraiser connects us in more ways than just raising money. It gives hope that everyone thereĀ can get through whatever tragedy or nightmare they are going through, and if they hit rock bottom, there is a whole community right there to pick them up.

It also connects their child with other children who have had their world turned upside down. Other parents understand if a child’s immune system is low and a playdate is cancelled, or they are equally diligent in making sure that hands are washed and surfaces are cleaned. There is a sense of being on the same team.

Lexi’s parents know how strong our kids are. They have seen Lexi at her lowest and revel in the fact that she is now cancer free! She is enjoying life, singing and dancing and making people around her laugh. How precious is that?

When her parents see a child with cancer, they don’t think of them as weak; they see them as the true role models in our world. They are put through the worst of the worst tests, scans, pokes, and injections, yet they still find a way to put their childlike innocence into each day. They don’t ask why or constantly complain that life is not fair. They handle it. They are superheroes.

Lexi’s parents put on brave faces to let their daughter know that they are right there for her. Seeing her smile gives them hope. So much support and love shown from others and the staff at The Melodies Center get them through. Of course this is a common theme. We can’t deal with cancer alone. It’s just not possible, and with wonderful people like Lexi and her parents raising awareness and resources, we are able to help more and more children.

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