Little Lucas

lillucasfinalI call him Little Lucas because even at his young age, he has had an impact on our world, just as Luke Romano had made a gigantic ripple in our lives.

I remember seeing Little Lucas in photos with Kendra Sisco for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Man & Woman of the Year campaign. He clung to Kendra and clearly looked up to her as a role model and perhaps a big sister. He and his family have been involved in so many fundraisers and events. Little Lucas is a positive beacon for anyone struggling with cancer.

Little Lucas is a strong boy and very resilient. He has fought hard to get into remission, and he still has the energy to be a kid. That is probably one of the best words of advice to give to someone if their child has cancer. Keep life as normal as possible. Keep your child involved in their regular activities if you can, and they are healthy enough to do so.

I remember when Nick tried to go back to swimming. It was the middle of summer. He already had so much chemo. His teammates were excited to see him and were going to do a relay. I encouraged Nick to join them, but to not go overboard. Nick took off, swam his lap,  got out of the pool, and vomited. His life had changed, and he never got back to the pool. Thinking of this story really breaks my heart, so to see a child like Lucas being able to do what he loves is promising. It keeps him emotionally strong knowing that he can get back to what he always did before cancer.

Little Lucas’ smile, laughter, and energy provides hope for his family. Look at that adorable face! How can you not smile back at him? The support staff at The Melodies Center has been key to getting them through their most difficult times. Telling people you need help and letting them support you is essential to maintain your strength to get your child and family get through this journey. We cannot do it all and luckily there are so many resources to help children like Little Lucas heal!

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