Cheers for Christian


Three years ago on August 31, Christian was diagnosed with cancer at 7 years old. His diagnosis was similar to Nick’s in that it took a while to figure it out. The last thought on a parent’s mind is that cancer will be the answer. Even today this will be the last thought for a doctor. Why would we believe that an otherwise healthy boy would have such a horrible disease.

Thinking it was lyme, which is very hard to diagnose, Christian was put on antibiotics. It wasn’t until his temperature didn’t go away and he was taken to an urgent care that a blood test was finally administered. Then they realized something was wrong.

Of course we don’t want to be giving children blood tests for no apparent reason, but sometimes when there is unexplained symptoms, taking blood makes sense and can get a child on the road to a cure that much quicker. Luckily, Christian is doing absolutely fantastic and he will be done with his chemotherapy on November 8, 2016! He is a true warrior.

But never think that this journey has been an easy one for Christian or for his family. Cancer separates kids from the parents, from the siblings, and parents from their other children. It’s a lonely road no matter how much support you get. Someone is always feeling left out. Half the time our family was split and Stephen didn’t get to see his big brother, because Nick’s immune system was so slow. This hurts all involved.

Christian’s parents want people to know that above all they are still children, and they want to maintain any sense of normalcy possible. They want to attend school and stay involved with the activities they enjoy. Treat them as you would any child, but keep in mind that they are braving something that can bring many adults to their knees.

The support of family and friends and organizations like Nick’s Fight have helped them get through the last three years. But it doesn’t end there. The fear of a relapse is real. Christian’s family is quietly strong. They come to so many fundraisers, wholeheartedly giving back and soaking in the strength and comfort of those around them. Being with others who get what they are going through can be very powerful and help get the whole family through in one piece.

They have Team Christian for Nick’s Run to be Healed 5K on Sunday, September 25, 2016 and they have been participating every year. The give and take during a cancer journey creates a family that has an unbreakable bond.

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