Rock on Regan


I had the honor of meeting Regan and her mom, Meredith, yesterday. They came over to my house with Amazing Abby and her mom, Renee, to do an interview for Channel 13 and Stand up to Cancer, which will be aired on Friday, September 9 from 7-9pm. What was interesting about getting three moms together to talk about what needs to be done about childhood cancer was that Regan just began her cancer journey on July 13, 2016, Abby is finishing her treatment on October 17, 2016, and Nick had lost his battle 8 years earlier. We all had a different perspective.

Meredith was very calm speaking about her daughter’s diagnosis. She said that much of it was because of the support she has received, but also seeing how far Abby has come and that they too can make it to the end of this journey whole and healed. These are two tough and strong little ladies. She rattled off statistics about how only 4% of funds are used to find a cure for childhood cancer and our kids are being treated with adult chemo. The lasting side effects are so harmful. Changes need to be made.

Regan is an adorable and shy little girl until she became comfortable. She absolutely loved Zoey and Dakota, our big dogs who equally loved the ball throwing and the fact that Regan and Abby gave them doggie ice cream!

Abby and Regan

Abby and Regan

According to Meredith, one of the most important things we need to know about our kids battling cancer is that they may be more tired, can’t do everything the same right now, but they are still kids. They can be happy. They are still silly and goofy and want to laugh and play and have fun. “They don’t need to be treated with kid gloves (just sanitized hands) and they don’t need to be in a bubble (as long as the environment they are in has been properly sterilized).”

Less than two months in and this family already knows the cancer rules. They can’t afford not to know.

They appreciate the support from family, friends, strangers, and organizations like Nick’s Fight and the many others who get them through this journey. Abby and Regan will support one another through their journey. The fact that they were friends before diagnosis makes the need for a cure even more urgent.


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