We’re Not Gonna Take It

I just came across a video of Dee Snyder from Motley Crue. It caught my attention because it was a stripped down version of his song, We’re Not Gonna Take it. It sparked my interest for a couple reasons.

As soon as I played the video, the caption stated that every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. Yes, Nick was sending me a message. So I watched. Here’s the video:

We’re Not Gonna Take it by Dee Snyder

Nick loved this song. When he was diagnosed, this was one of the songs he played for motivation and strength. I still vividly remember him in the foyer at the bottom of the stairs calling up to me. I came out of my room and leaned over the railing. There was my beautiful son, belting out the words, “We’re Not Gonna Take it!” Then he said, “Right, Mom?”

Of course I said he got that right and I truly believed, as his big eyes peered up at me with hope and a kick ass attitude, that he would survive.

As September comes right around the corner, I struggle. Yes, it is childhood cancer awareness month, which makes it even harder, but it’s the month Nick had surgeries, tons of pain, and long stays in the hospital.

But even then we weren’t going to take it. We were fighting back and winning. Every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. According to CureSearch, 1 out of 8 children will die. My son, Luke Romano, and so many other local children have passed away.

Nick, you got it right when you said we aren’t going to take it. We keep fighting in your name and for all the other children who are battling, yet to be diagnosed, and haven’t survived.

Please keep your eyes open for our campaign coming September 1 to bring awareness for all children battling cancer. Through awareness, funds, education, and love, we will end pediatric cancer.


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