New Leaders in Camelot

Featured is our Nick’s Round Table board for 2016-2017. From L-R: Brittney Decker (Volunteer Coordinator-Shenendehowa), Sarah Collins (Fundraising Chair-Shenendehowa), Becca Abel (returning Secretary-Albany Academy), Grace Isaksen (Media Chair-Burnt Hill-Ballston Lake), Dylan Nezaj (Vice-President-Shenendehowa), Ruben DeMan (Treasurer-Shenendehowa), Emily Hayes (President-Shenendehowa), Leanne Shockley (Arts & Crafts Chair-Shenendehowa), Amanda Hayes (Technology/Publicity Chair-Shenendehowa).

Six years ago Stephen and a group of motivated teens who were friends of both Nick and his brother formed Nick’s Round Table. I could write a book on the amazing work that this group has done. They have grown from a few to an army and they take battling cancer seriously.

We have had so many wonderful volunteers who have grown into leaders and have chosen a career in healthcare or helping children because of the work they have done with our foundation. That is inspirational and gives me hope that this world is a beautiful place.

I have to thank last year’sĀ board (Katie, Kendra, Erin, Lauren, Liz, Maddy, Amelia & Kate) who are going to college, but luckily we have a few who are still involved in the foundation and are building new leaders.

What I love about this group is that the board and the entire membership are from different schools, communities, and walks of life. Some have battled cancer, been treated at the Melodies Center, have lost loved ones to cancer, or known someone battling. Still others get involved because of a friend bringing them to a meeting, but soon they become attached to the mission.

Our future is bright because of the incredible number of young adults who care. That is what the round table is all about. Everyone equally coming to the table to help those in need. I am excited to venture into another year of healing and helping and can’t be more grateful for all the beautiful, kind-hearted people who have come into my life through my son’s journey. Surely the people he puts in my path daily are kisses and hugs from him.


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