To the Cast of Lion King

Three members of the cast from The Lion King came to Melissa’s restorative yoga class this morning at The Hot Yoga Spot. I had seen them there before as they seem to enjoy the wonderful classes. Each time I saw them emotions welled up in me. 

My boys loved The Lion King movie. When Nick’s class had the opportunity to go see the Broadway play, being the overly involved mother that I am, I made sure I was a chaperone. 
Nick loved seeing plays and acting in them. 

In his play in 5th grade Nick adlibbed and took over the show. 
Seeing the play with Nick was a fabulous bonding moment and one of the most memorable times I had with him. 
Nick is peeking over his friends’ shoulders and was so excited to be in the city. 
I remember how Nick couldn’t sit still during the play. He was so animated and alive. 
I remember this moment caught on camera. My boy finally at my height and still enjoying time with his mom. 
I have never been able to see the play again. It’s a wonderful memory, but I actually cry when I think about going. It pains me that Nick can’t see it now and share in the story that I met the cast members. 
But it’s not a bad memory and I felt compelled to share it because of the impact the play has had. I met Mykal Ashlee who impressed me with his amazing flexibility! 
I told him about Nick, the foundation, and the positive impact that this play has had on so many of our sick children who get a chance to see the play and forget about treatment for a night. They make a difference. Plus they danced and cooked for people at the Schenectady City Mission. Mykal organized that. What a beautiful giving experience. 
He hugged me and thanked me for sharing Nick’s story. What they do is more than act and dance. They connect to the spirit of the community and give with their heart. 
Thank you Mykal for comforting a mom who misses her child and for sharing your talent with the world. 
‘Hakuna Matata! Ain’t no passing craze.’
Our children battling cancer definitely didn’t have any worries while enjoying your show. Thank you for that gift. 

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