Fighting Cancer Never Gets Easier

This morning I met the Purple Tie committee to set up for our third event that is tomorrow night. We laughed and joked and I had an amazing conversation with Heather whose son has lived with a benign tumor since he was 8 
Then I set up the canvases of the very special people who were featured in my book What Makes Them Amazing. I added a few photos from Abby and Matt’s Dance because it reminds me of the goodness despite the cancer. 

A couple of photos are of Nick Heald who has struggled with relapses from throat cancer. Right now he is once again recovering from surgery and isn’t able to speak. I want to cry, but I keep working because Nick is my inspiration and my anger at his relapse only makes me want to do more. 

I stop home quickly, hug Stephen, and go to a wake. I second guess myself many times as I travel to Colonie. I don’t know if I can handle it. One of Nick’s Warriors has passed. Ryan Andi was only 18 and should have been enjoying his freshman year at SUNY Binghamton where he received a full scholarship. I’m not sure if I can get through the line, because I think of Nick and what he went through. I think of my family and what we went through and how we still struggle. I see a sash and a crown. Ryan was prom king. 
Then a young lady turns and I see Markel who is battling her own cancer, but came to say goodbye. I hug her and her mom finally meeting them face to face. I know this is why Nick has led me here. I’m meant to comfort. 
I meet Ryan’s family and I know that this is part of my journey. I give his mom my worry ring and need to let them know that they will have the strength to travel this path and I will help them if needed. 
They thank Nick’s Fight and want to give back. I am humbled by their strength and commitment to keep fighting. 
As I sit absorbing my emotional day, I know that Nick puts people in my path who need our help. He guides our foundation and as much as we continue to fight against cancer, he welcomes his warrior angels home. I feel better knowing he is there for them, but some days it’s hard to accept. 
So I’m sad today for the families who are struggling. I’m heartbroken for the families who have lost their loved ones. I’m thankful that every day children are healed.  I’m grateful Nick’s Fight can make a difference.  
If you see me today know I am a bundle of raw emotion and I may blubber on you. Just give me a hug and I will continue fighting. 
Nick’s Fight to be Healed sends much love and our condolences to the Andi family. 

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