Super Guardian Angel

Hey Nick,

Nick and Stephen–May 2008

Your celestial vibes must have been on high alert this past weekend. Sunday morning a large group of very dedicated volunteers arrived at 8am to set up for the 5K run that is named in your honor. Most of them have been doing this for the past 6 years. Many you know: Maka and your cousins Marisa and Alysia, Nanny, Uncle Sal, Iris, Alex, Alyssia (who decided to run last minute and won!), Olivia, Colleen, Connor, Braedon, PK, Julie, most of the Isaksens, and of course Dad, me and Stephen. So many others you know from karate, swimming, school and many you don’t know, but who come because they know your story and wish they had gotten to know you better.

Kendra Sisco and her team called Kendra’s Kure leads the walk on the 2-mile walk. 

Stephen and his friend Dante, traveled home from college because of how important this event is to them. You would love the carnival and how much it has grown. So many kids enjoyed playing carnival games, eating sno cones, playing in the bounce house, and getting picked up high into the air by the Incredible Hulk!

Katie Collins co-president of Nick’s Round Table and volunteer, Sophia Krill have fun at the Carnival.
The Hulk bringing smiles to all the kids!
Stephen giving co-fundraising chair and girlfriend, Lauren Sawicki, a much needed break. She and co-chair Elizabeth Sibson did a phenomenal job organizing the Carnival. 

The day was filled with fun and laughter and isn’t that what you are all about? Stephen was interviewed by a reporter and even though he was young when you were ill, he said he remembered how you smiled no matter how much pain you were in. Your attitude and your energy keeps him positive and his love for you is why he gives back.

News Channel 6 Interview

The reporter asked me if I thought you were there at the event. I said, “Of course he is.” I know you were there because your energy lifted the sadness from other’s faces and made sure we had a sunny day. Your giving nature was reflected in the helping hands people gave one another, the hugs of support, and the squeeze of understanding.

You were close to us this weekend, because we lost a precious little girl named Zoie. I didn’t know her, but I cried because I know the pain that her family will have to live with forever. Then I thought about the reporter’s question and I knew that you would guide and protect her, much like you did for other kids when you were with us on earth. Always looking out for others. That makes you so special.

Team Christian was one of the 16 teams who came together to show their support, especially for Christian who is a survivor!

Your event was magical, emotional, fun, and inspiring. It brought you to life in a way that only a huge community event could. Your spirit soared around us and gave us hope that even in our darkest moments, there is goodness.

There were so many people there you didn’t know, but now they know you, they know your mission, and they know what children with cancer need and go through. If they had children currently battling, they felt the comfort of positive energy that surrounded them on Sunday.

Just a few of the amazing people who help our children at The Melodies Center and the PICU at Albany Med!
L-R: Cortney, Rebecca, Angie, and Janis.

Knowing the good your spirit and your life has brought to us and our community will sustain me through our emotional October. Thank you for your guidance and for being a Super Guardian Angel to these beautiful children who struggle with cancer and those who unfortunately lose their battle.

You and Stephen are forever my Champions.

Always in Love,

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