Abby Fights Back with Love!

So you may have heard about and seen the fabulous video of Amazing Abby marrying her nurse, Matt, during an adorably heart wrenching ceremony at The Melodies Center. It sparked quite a positive response and was seen around the world. Unique memories and precious moments like these are what children with cancer literally live for. Instead of the memory of getting poked and prodded or sick from chemotherapy, Abby’s day was filled with love and celebration. Every sick child deserves to have many of these wonderful moments.

Abby gave me a big hug at her fundraiser for cancer research!

While this was an incredibly fantastic day in Abby’s life, many may not know that she had been busy behind the scenes raising money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand which provides funding for childhood cancer research. Yes, we know that it was probably her parents who set up the site and her grandfather made the awesome yellow stand and an hour into pouring lemonade and saying hi to people, Abby probably had enough. But what we have to remember is instead of feeling bitter about their life or the circumstances that they are in, Abby and her family are not only fighting back, but giving back. Abby and every child with cancer have the opportunity to make a huge difference in other people’s lives. Of course it’s not a requirement that if you have cancer you must fundraise, but think of the positive effects it can have on Abby, her family, and the community.

Abby learns that people give because they care, that giving back makes her feel really good, and that she gets to toss water balloons at people’s feet, mine included! It was an incredibly hot day so was very refreshing. When Abby gets through her cancer treatment, perhaps she’ll want to keep giving back and maybe some day she’ll get involved in Nick’s Round Table and continue to help children battle cancer. Giving back is a win-win choice for everyone and when it’s done with love, it makes everyone stronger and healthier.

Thank you to Abby and your wonderful family for raising money for much needed research! I heard you hit your goal in the first hour and look forward to your next adventure!

To positively support Abby during her journey, visit her Facebook Page at Amazing Abby.

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