Katie Collins–Teen Volunteer of the Year!

When Katie joined Nick’s Round Table, she was a quiet, observant volunteer. I’m not really sure what caused her to join the group. Maybe it was her brother, John, who had become a member. Katie soon became involved in many events and constantly volunteered for fundraisers, to do arts & crafts with children at the hospital, or to go to events to support other children.
Katie connects with the kids quite naturally. She has become attached to many of them like Parker and Abby who she is holding below at a recent Chipotle fundraiser. She gives freely and the children feel so comfortable with her. Katie has the natural ability to make others feel good.
Katie and Abby. It was love at first hug!
Stephen presenting Katie with her award at our annual gathering.
Katie and Stephen became fast friends and once Stephen realized how shy Katie was, he often put her on the spot to speak about the foundation. As one shy person to another, Stephen knew what it was like to have to speak in front of a crowd and feel hesitant, unsure, and nervous. Both he and I saw the potential in Katie. Stephen always jokes with Katie so that even when she’s worried about speaking he is making her laugh.
Katie would want to know if she had to speak at an event. Stephen even pranked her the day of this gathering saying that he was sick and she would have to speak! A couple years ago, she probably would have stayed home. Now she would figure out what she wanted to say and in her sweet and compassionate way would do a fantastic job.

Katie and her wonderful family!

Katie after shopping for Nick’s Comfort Bags
Katie has been involved in every aspect of Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation. I know that if I ask Katie to text the group, meet to organize volunteers, fill in for a volunteer at an event, she will do it. And it’s not because it’s an obligation. Katie believes in the mission of this foundation. She truly loves being involved and emotionally connects to the kids. She has expressed interest in working with pediatric cancer patients as a nurse, and I know she is the perfect person to do this. Being a nurse in a clinic where children are suffering is not for everyone. You have to be able to do your job and emotionally support the patient and the family. Katie can do that!

Katie has been secretary of Nick’s Round Table, co-VP, and next year will be co-president. For the past three years, she has been a great captain for Relay for Life. She has become a leader without losing her empathy and joy of helping others. Katie is going to bring this group to the next level and I can’t be happier that she is one of the amazing leaders on the board next year. 

Erin and Katie at Autumnfest

Katie helping organized Family Hope Bags at St. Edward’s

Katie speaking at St. Baldrick’s fundraiser
Katie, I can’t say enough how proud I am of you. You are one of the reasons why I keep so involved with Nick’s Round Table. I am constantly inspired by your strength, your effectiveness, compassion, and leadership. You are very special to our family and know that Stephen’s teasing and delegating much of his work to you was part of the master plan! Learn from it and remember to delegate as well!
I look forward to working with you and have such high hopes for you as you grow into an even more amazing and loving young adult.
Congratulations on receiving the Teen Volunteer of the Year award. Your peers recognize how special you are! We appreciate all your dedication and hard work!
Look for more photos from our annual gathering at 

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