No Doubt

No doubt is such a strong message. When someone agrees with you wholeheartedly, they may respond with, “No doubt!” It means yes, I hear what you are saying and I agree 100%! Or it can be used in a sentence like, “There was no doubt that Jenny was going to ace that test tomorrow.” It’s a positive statement that inspires confidence. 

I have no doubt that Nick is with me everyday and guides me on my mission to help children fight cancer. On Friday, I met my friend Colleen to get a pedicure and she told me how thoughts of Nick had been sneaking up on her so strongly that it made her cry. I want her to have happy thoughts of my son, but missing him hurts too much sometimes and we have to let those emotions out. 
Stephen has been talking about his brother quite a bit and wondering about the direction of Nick’s Round Table after he leaves for college. So we had a discussion about that on Saturday morn. Saturday afternoon, my sister, Michele, sends me a text that reads, “We had Nick’s special sandwich with sauce tonight for dinner.” I hadn’t thought of the sandwich that Nick created when he was on Prednisone in quite a long time. It made me smile.
Nick’s Sandwich with his special sauce.
Liv is one of my best friends’ daughter, who also had been thinking of Nick a lot lately. Liv babysat Nick and Stephen when they were younger. She has known Nick since he was born and they always had a very special relationship. Liv is renting an apartment and wanted to purchase a bike to ride to work. When she told me and Luke that she was planning to buy a bike, there was no hesitation that we thought she should have Nick’s bike. On Sunday, we brought Nick’s mountain bike to Liv’s new place. I held onto Nick’s bike having no doubt that the person who was meant to have it would become apparent and so it did. 
Nick’s bike. Now Liv’s! 
Liv was ecstatic and understood the significance of the gift. When we brought the bike into her apartment and parked it in the living room (the only piece of furniture in there so far!), Luke noticed the light on the back of the bike. We turned it on and it held a solid red, then blinked. Nick won that light by selling a certain number of magazines for school. He wanted to ride his bike all over town and now I know Liv will enjoy it.
When I listen to my intuition and my heart, I make the best decisions. When I don’t, when I doubt that what I’m doing is the best for my family, myself, and the world around me, then I falter and feel like I’m lost. 
Nick is close by. I know he goes on his travels and flies back to us. Now that he’s here and making himself known, I wonder why. What is he trying to tell us? I have no doubt that the answers will be revealed. And as long as children are hurting, families’ hearts are breaking because of cancer, I will stay true to my path. I will fight so that children can be healed. No doubt.

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