Meeting up at Chipotle

Last night members of Nick’s Round Table held a fundraiser at Chipotle’s in Clifton Park. They are very generous in that 50% of anything ordered will be donated to Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation. I arrived at 5:30pm and the place was hopping. All through the night so many people came out to support our cause and many who didn’t know about us, soon did.

Sara and Katie Collins enjoying their Chipotle meal!
A powerhouse of volunteers and leaders all involved in the foundation!

But as much as these events are about raising money to help all our incredible services, it’s also about coming together as a community to support our children fighting, the selfless and high energy caregivers, and the volunteers who make it happen.

Stephen was on line waiting for me so he could get his SECOND meal of the fundraiser! He ate with his lovely girlfriend, Lauren, and then was supposed to eat with his momma, but sat with his friends. And really it was perfect. I sat with my friend Julie and caught up with her daughter, Caroline, who I know came home from college just for this event! I saw Annette and Marcus Romano, as well as Dante Cilento, who helped organize the event, and his mom.

As other people I knew came in, I ventured over to say hi. Felicia Hunter, a social worker from AMC was there with her family, as was Angie Silipigno, our famous Child Life Specialist with her girls and friends. That they take the time out of their busy lives to come to our events makes me smile. (It doesn’t have anything to do with not having to cook!)

Angie, The Melodies Center’s amazing child life specialist, is holding her daughter on her lap. Her other daughter is all smiles!

The angelic Abby came and Katie Collins scooped her up! Abby is in maintenance stage, which is such a transitional stage as her mom, Renee, tells me that she is never sure if a temperature is a sign of something serious or just a fever. I met Abby’s baby sister, Zoey, who has beautiful blue eyes and legs that don’t stop!

Katie and Abby are good friends who bonded at the St. Baldrick’s event.

Christian, a handsome young man who is also a patient, came with his parents and it was a treat for me because I got to meet his dad and visit with his mom. When patients and their families come out to fundraisers, I am always grateful and happy to mingle. They support one another and I think that the positive energy that emanates from these events lifts them up.

I love that Abby snuggled up on my lap and showed me some videos!

There were so many teens who came out to support the group and I thank everyone who spread the word and helped to organize it. Thanks to the amazing members of Nick’s Round Table for their social media blitz and to Chipotle for helping out a great cause. We raised over $700!

If I didn’t get to see you everyone is welcome to attend our Annual Gathering this coming Monday! Look below:

Nick’s Fight to be Healed’s Annual Gathering! 

Monday, May 4
Shenendehowa High School East
970 Route 146, Clifton Park
in the Little Theater
Volunteers will be in the foyer to direct everyone.
Everyone is welcome to attend our annual gathering as we celebrate all we have accomplished and our wonderful volunteers and staff at The Melodies Center.


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