Happy Birthday, Luke!

Diners could add an encouraging note to children battling cancer. These are placed with Luke Legacy pillows.
Be LukeStrong. How many times over these past years has that motto sustained us and kept us on our mission? I can tell you for me it has been hundreds. Today we get to celebrate the birth of an amazing young man who touched so many lives through his generosity, his wit, his amazing intelligence, and love of life.

Jaclyn and Marcus with their grandparents!
Yesterday the celebration was in full swing as the owners of Pasta Pane held a fundraiser in memory of Luke and to celebrate his birthday and what he meant to them. His favorite foods were served (Spinach salad, Penne Vodka & Zeppole). Many members of his family, friends, and those in the community who just love and miss him gathered together to talk about the memories and raise money for his legacy. 100% of proceeds were donated to Luke’s Legacy.

What a legacy Luke started. The Luke Legacy pillows, plush king-size down are the most popular addition to Nick’s Comfort Bags. On each table, there was a notecard explaining the story behind the pillow and a spot where everyone could write an encouraging message to a child battling cancer. Luke was there guiding the words. 

Annette Romano is a source of strength to me and this foundation, finding a positive way to remember her son.
His mom, Annette, an incredible and hard-working member of Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation’s Board of Directors organizes the Family Hope Bags, along with her children Jaclyn and Marcus. Luke’s Legacy allows us to keep giving newly diagnosed family hope.

Scholarships to students who have the same passion as Luke and who look to a future full of excitement, joy, and goodness raise awareness and keep Luke’s spirit strong as his memory empowers others.

Luke fit a lifetime in the 17 years he was physically with us, but he continues to change lives and effect change. Write a birthday note on his Facebook Page and let his family know how much he is loved, although from the number of people who came to Pasta Pane yesterday, they know.

A big thank you to David Zecchini and the entire staff who were absolutely fabulous. We always appreciate your support and willingness to let us take over your restaurant! We couldn’t do what we do without you!
Friends and family enjoying great food!

Happy Birthday, Luke! Balloons and Kisses to you in Heaven.

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