Birthdays are Precious Moments

I need to send a birthday shout out to Nick Rychcik who turned 10 years old today! Birthdays are the moments that our amazing children come into our lives, when siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces, and grandchildren are made. 

Can’t help but love that smile!
For a year and a half Nick has been battling cancer and I have to say he has shown bravery, courage, and a will to live his life in the way he wants. My family and I have been blessed with getting to know Nick and his entire family very well. I connect with his mom, Kelly, multiple times a week and I see Nick’s struggle and his frustration when he doesn’t feel well. 
But through all his painful treatments, side effects, uncertainty about the future, and inability to sometimes do what a 10-year-old should be doing, Nick smiles. It’s quite an infectious smile. Nick doesn’t focus on his illness, he looks forward to what he can do at school, when he gets home, or during the upcoming weekend, and further.
Nick hanging at a Shen soccer game where he was honored.
His resilience and positive attitude sustains him. His family’s strength and faith holds him up, but his courageous spirit allows him to get the most out of every single day. Isn’t that what we should all be doing? Sometimes it takes a wonderful young man to show us the way.
Nick at a Union Baseball game. He sat in the dugout with the team.
Nick, we wish you a very Happy Birthday filled with lots of love, laughter, cake and presents! Know that a community is sending you their strength and wishes for a lifetime of birthdays!

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