And the Winner is . . .

All of us because–
Angie Silipigno is Albany Medical Center’s Employee of the Year for 2014!
Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation’s Board of Directors would like to congratulate Angie Silipigno, The Melodies Center’s child life specialist for receiving this wonderful award. Angie was chosen out of 7,000 employees and she was nominated 16 times from us, other foundations, fellow co-workers, doctors, and families of children with cancer. There is no doubt that Angie makes a difference.
Angie with her twin girls celebrating the announcement.

What makes it more amazing is that people are beginning to realize how important her position is in helping children heal. Her title says it all–Child Life Specialist–Angie sees up close and personal what a diagnosis does to the child whether they can understand what is happening to them or too small to know anything besides the fact that getting a needle really hurts. She is one of the first people a family will meet after the oncologist has to deliver the horrible news. Her job focuses on the emotional health of the child battling, the siblings, parents, and extended family. A child’s life has been ripped apart by cancer and Angie’s job is to put their lives back together so they are strong enough to emotionally make it through.
Angie with her husband, Chris, who we can see is very proud of her and supportive.
When Nick was battling cancer, Toshiko Nonaka was the child life specialist. She made such a difference in Nick’s daily visits to the clinic. She not only brought him a bag of goodies that inspired Nick’s Comfort Bags, but she took a vested interest in Nick and how to make him happy while he was struggling. One of Nick’s best moments during his diagnosis was getting to meet Eli Manning and other players for the Giants. I will never forget the joy on his face and his brother, Stephen’s. The child life specialist made that happen.
Karen Patchell and Janine Cammarata with Angie during her celebration. Everyone from Nick’s Fight appreciates her hard work.
The emotional connection to the child life specialist and the obvious difference she makes is why Nick’s Fight financially supports this position that is only funded through donations and grants. But it’s not about the money. It’s about connecting with kids, with their families, emotionally staying strong when you see children suffering horribly. It’s giving of yourself despite the pain you feel at seeing families fall apart, children breaking down, and sometimes losing them. Angie brings sunshine to their lives and she celebrates their victories as well as holds them up when life just doesn’t feel fair.
Nick’s Fight to be Healed is dedicated to reducing stress and helping children heal during their cancer journey. Angie is our closest partner in this quest to help others. We couldn’t ask for a better person in be in this position right now and we thank her for all her hard work and selfless dedication.¬†

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