Dunk the Doctor

The day Nick was diagnosed with Leukemia, Dr. Joanne Porter became a member of our family. Her words were that we were married to each other. That has held true long after Nick has passed and she has been someone we have turned to when we share good news, need advice, or want to spend time together.

A cancer family is more than the immediate parents, siblings, and extended family. It’s the other patients you meet, the volunteers who help your day run a little smoother, and the doctors and staff who try to move mountains to save your child.

Not only do they work hard in the clinic, but they take the time to visit families and raise money and awareness for childhood cancer.

On Saturday, September 13, The Capital Region Childhood Cancer Coalition is holding a September Gold Family Fun Day at the Guilderland YMCA’s Adventure Camp. The coalition is made up of local foundations whose missions are to reduce stress within the family, help financially and emotionally support families, give kids a break, or the best day of their lives. It’s made up of families who have children who have beat the disease, are in the throes of their fight or have laid their child to rest and have devoted their lives to helping others.

On this day, our very own Dr. Vik Kanwar, Chief of the Division of Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders at The Melodies Center will attend the Family Fun Day and children will have the chance to dunk him! Doctors who treat sick children have to have a sense of humor as the children amazingly do. Plus it helps that they are good sports!

So we hope that you will be able to come to this event to take a break from life, whether it’s from cancer or just stress and join us in raising awareness and having fun.

Dr. Kanwar has decided to up the ante a bit and raise some funds for local children too, so if you are so inclined, please consider donating to Dunk the Doctor.

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