Remembering Nick on Independence Day

It’s hard to believe that 7 years ago Nick was diagnosed with Leukemia. Nick had been fatigued for a while and constant visits to the doctor hadn’t resulted in any answers. The morning of July 4 is one that I wish could have been changed. It’s surreal how one minute your life is somewhat normal and your biggest worry is getting enough food for the barbecue after the parade. Then with a cancer diagnosis, nothing is more important than keeping your child alive and your family together.

On this July 4th morning I know that my family is still together. Amazingly, Nick decided to visit me in my dreams last night with all my family and friends at our annual pig roast. Iris, it seems we have a few other people we need to invite. As sad as I get for missing my boy, he always makes sure I know he is still with me. I am always connected to my children no matter where they are. That’s a blessing that if you are open to it, is absolutely priceless.

So on this day of independence, I will put aside the moments of 7 years ago when cancer tried to rip my family apart and I will be with my boys in our own way. I choose to remember all the beautiful July 4th memories filled with laughter, family, friends, and fireworks.

July 4th at the Cammarata House 1998

For all the families whose children are still battling cancer or who have lost their child to cancer, I send you hope, strength and knowledge that your child is always with you. May it provide comfort during the darkest moments.

Happy 4th of July everyone and thank you for being a part of our lives.

Stephen and Zoey July 4th 2009

July 4 2008 day of Nick’s diagnosis. have you ever seen someone smile with the world so heavy on his shoulders? That was Nick. Always positive.

Nick, Luke and Stephen 2007

Nick loving his dad’s rough housing.

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