Blessed to be a Mother

When I was a teenager, my plan was to be a lawyer, drive a Porsche and never get married or have children. It’s safe to say my life did not turn out that way and I’m so very glad. When I think about the decisions I have made, wrong paths I have followed, or my personal imperfections, I remember that I am a creator and protector of the greatest gift our world could ever receive–our children. Mothers are the warriors who are absolutely and irrevocable dedicated to our charges.

Halloween, 1997

The status and honor of the title ‘Mother’ never ends. As our children grow and move beyond our  reach, we always are their mothers. My spiritual connection to my children’s souls grow and flourish as we live our lives. I have written before that Nick’s path is not what I would have wanted and especially on Mother’s Day I miss him being home as he would have been from his first year of college. But as any mother does, I work toward keeping an open connection with him and know that he is as much a part of me as Stephen is. I cherish all that we have lived.

My birthday 1998

The beauty of motherhood is that it extends beyond my birth children. It reaches to my godchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends’ children whom I consider as much my own. Motherhood encompasses the children I have been blessed to know despite the sadness of their cancer diagnoses. I share in their joys and their sorrows. And even though terrible circumstances have brought us together, I am graced by their presence and the lesson that life is so fragile. Mothers are the ones who hold their children, gently rub their heads, hurting bellies, sore backs with a tenderness and warmth that heals all hurts. I have seen aunts, grandmothers, sisters, and siblings take on the role of mothering and the peace that arises from their selfless giving is priceless.

Nick getting ready to go on a camping trip. First time away from home.

The connection of a mother to her child can never be broken because we have shared the most intimate and primal connection when our child is in our womb. But that is not the only way we become mothers. Those amazing moms who have taken another’s birth child into their heart womb have that same umbilical connection.

Cape Cod 

As my boys venture forth on their paths of life and I loosen my hold, I know they will forever be a part of me and I am very grateful. So as the sun shines on me today and my beautiful children, I am thankful for all who are connected to me and whose children have opened my heart.

Old Forge vacation 2006

Happy Mother’s Day and may your connection to your children bring you peace and joy.

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