Nick Cammarata Scholarship–Making a Difference

Nick built Bionicles from sets or made his own creations. He loved all forms of technology.
For the second year, Nick’s Fight to be Healed is offering two $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors from Shenendehowa Central High School through the Nick Cammarata Memorial Scholarship.  Part of our mission reads: “Awareness includes providing scholarships to recipients who promote the values of the foundation.” When we offer scholarships, we are investing in the future of our young adults and the battle against cancer. 

Already we have seen the value of this scholarship in one of last year’s recipients Meagan McCarthy. Meagan knew Nick for years and is currently in her first year at Villanova University where she is studying Chemical Engineering. Occasionally, Meagan writes to me to let our family know how her school year is going. In her latest correspondence, she emailed that in her essay for the scholarship,  she “would love to learn more about the technological applications associated with artificial organs and transplant.”

As it turns out, Meagan was able to design, build, and test an artificial kidney. Although the kidney didn’t function flawlessly, she has physically shown the value of Nick’s Memorial Scholarship. Many children who have cancer at a young age, suffer in adulthood from secondary cancers, organ failure, and other physical side effects. What Meagan is venturing to accomplish can save the life of a cancer survivor. It’s tremendous!

Connor Williams and Nick at a Lego League competition.
Her physical contribution to science is fantastic, and her compassionate contribution to Nick’s memory is priceless. Meagan writes: “I was so honored when you awarded me a scholarship in Nick’s name last year. I wanted to let you know that I think of him often and hope that with each day lived with kindness and love I can in some small way pay tribute to him.”

Nick lived his life with kindness and love and when one of his peers strives to live their life in the same way, Nick’s spirit lives on. Meagan, we are very proud of your accomplishments and the wonderful young woman you are becoming. You honor Nick with your dedication.

We look forward to this year’s applicants and hope that they will strive to make a difference in their world as Meagan and Nick have. The deadline is March 31 and the applications can be found in the Shenendehowa High School East Counseling Center. It can also be found on our website at

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