Nick Sends Rainbows on his 18th Birthday

Hey my Love!
All day I waited for a sign on your birthday. I was going to write this morning, but the words weren’t there. Dad and I brought balloons to your place and I cried because I should have been sending you a package at college.
As we do every year, we had red and black balloons to let loose at the Clifton Commons. There were some wonderfully heartfelt birthday wishes for you. Everyone misses you so much. PK, Emily and Dante were there with Stephen to celebrate you and all you mean to us. Those who couldn’t be there sent their own balloons and messages. 
There was a tornado watch and rain and we had a small window to release the balloons. As we wished you a happy birthday and expressed our love, you sent your sign. The most amazing rainbow exploded across the sky. Not only could we clearly see every vibrant color of ROYGBIV, but a second rainbow graced the other. We were in awe and as Emily said, “This was not a coincidence.”  
I am so grateful to have the faith to be patient and know that you will let me know that you are with us and doing well. Your spirit soars among us daily as you give us strength to continue our fight against childhood cancer. In September alone thousands of people heard your story and joined our cause. Your beautiful soul inspires me daily. 
I miss you so much and ache to hold you. I am proud of all that has been done in your name and I am extremely grateful to have you in my life. Note the present tense. You are always with us and i look forward to another stupendous rainbow on your 19th birthday. 
Always your mom– Happy Birthday. 

2 thoughts on “Nick Sends Rainbows on his 18th Birthday

  1. Nick showed a wonderful set of rainbows… Happy Birthday. I always hope there is very good cake in heaven- I look forward to getting there, having cake and not doing weight watchers. Sending love and hope for a peaceful night…


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