Letter to Nick

Hey Nick,
Last night was our foundation’s 4th Annual gathering to celebrate 2012.  The whole night really exemplified what your friends, Stephen, and his friends have accomplished. If I could change our lives, I would have you with our family, hanging with your friends, going to your senior prom, and graduating from high school.  Today is Tyler’s 18th birthday and I know the two of you would have been celebrating together. Happy Birthday Tyler. We love you!

Nick (11) and Tyler (12) at our annual July 4th celebration. 
Nick with Tyler at his 13th birthday party.

But as I try to live my life without you physically here, I can’t help but be proud of the legacy you have built.  Yes, we started the foundation in your name, volunteers work tirelessly to raise money to help families in need and come to a meeting on a beautiful evening, but it’s the essence of your spirit that makes the foundation so energetic, compassionate and strong.  The friendships you forged solidified the dedication your friends feel toward this cause. Their enthusiasm attracts other teens who may or may not have been affected by cancer but want to make a difference.  This adds longevity to our mission. Anyone involved in this fight can’t help but want to be a part of it.  There isn’t a stronger emotional connection.

One of your friends, PK Gerstenberger, was honored as Teen Volunteer of the Year for all his hard work with Nick’s Round Table.  I know losing you affected him terribly, but I’m so proud of how he has taken a hard loss and changed it to a wonderful mission.

Nick and PK at their 7th grade chorus concert.

Last night over 70 guests met 3-year-old Parker Ragone who was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 2.  His brilliant eyes and bright smile melted their hearts.  He is your warrior this year–leading the way to let others know his story. His journey will positively affect other children fighting cancer.  My wish is that you will look over Parker, keep him healthy, and we will keep helping children fight cancer in your name.

Parker Ragone–Nick’s Warrior for the 2013 Nick’s Run to be Healed 5K

Always in my heart,

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