Persistence is the Defining Factor to Move Forward in Life

Kassidy celebrating life five years cancer free–September 2012

When something so extreme and personally devastating such as cancer hits you as a child or young adult, it’s very easy for that diagnosis and your journey through it to be the defining factor in your life.  To be known as the child who beat cancer or who gave back despite the incredible hurdles faced is wonderful, gratifying, and I’m sure anyone who can say that they beat cancer is proud of it.  But when does life become more than the cancer journey? Yes having cancer permanently changes your life, but does that moment in time completely define who you are or can you move past it to who you are meant to be?

Kassidy Krenzer was diagnosed when she was only six years old–a child who just wanted to play with her friends and be carefree. Cancer changed that for her and after a relapse, bone marrow transplant and seven years of frustration and side effects, she finally celebrated being cancer free.  Despite horrendous odds, Kassidy persisted in her determination to beat cancer. 

But now as a high school student, she is persistent in making sure that she isn’t defined by cancer. It’s something that happened to her.  She celebrates the amazing moments in her life, she plays tennis, attends her school dances, makes new friends, and goes away to camp during the summer. She is doing what she should have been doing the last seven years.

Don’t let any disease, chronic illness, tragedy, or loss, be your defining moment.  Let the strength you drew from, the persistence that pushed you forward, and your desire to be known for who you are despite your adversity define you.

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