Healing Through Melodies

Tonight I sold Copies of What Makes Them Amazing at the Melodies of Christmas at Proctors which supports the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders. It’s hard to cold sell even when it’s close to your heart, but Iris and Alyssia Marsal and Beth Sagnelli shared the stories with others and the book was well received.

This book is meant to give hope and change lives. Every person who bought a book had their own story. Dr. Lepow treated Nick’s painful rashes. A man connected with my story and said buying this book was why he came tonight and he was meant to meet me since he was dealing with his own loss. Another gave a donation and bought a book for her sister. Another’s child was in the show and had her own cancer story. Every story I hear and every person I meet keeps me on the right path. I hope the music and the words heal.

Kirstin and Kassidy pictured with me are both in the show and the book. They continue to give.

We’ll be selling books at every show.

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