Clarity Through the Rain

Nick’s Run to be Healed 5K was yesterday, September 30.  All week I fretted over the weather and the number of participants that would come despite the rain. This is Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation’s largest fundraiser that determines how much we can grant to The Melodies Center in support of the ever important Child Life Specialist position and how many families we can financially support through the rest of the year.

Yesterday morning, I worried that we wouldn’t get set up in time and then the rain came, people got wet, and I’m sure many decided to stay home.  I was upset that it wouldn’t be enough–that we could have done more. 

But as I walked around talking to people (I could do this because all the fabulous volunteers had everything under control) I heard comments like: the event is well organized, look at all the great food they give, I love the duct tape wallets, the shirts, the carnival. But even better than that, was the fact that participants came up to me thanking us for helping their family or making a difference. The flow of love and support was outstanding.

I saw kids laughing, runners warming up, people hugging, bubbles flopping in the rain. I saw life moving forward and people supporting one another despite the rain. So I relaxed realizing that everyone at the event, everyone who devoted their time and money knows how important it is to fight cancer, raise money, and cause change.  But they also understand or learned that life has to continue, you have to live life, despite the pain that you know children with cancer are dealing with. They have to be able to have those moments of happiness and cherish them as these memories are what carry us all through the really tough times.

Nick’s Dash Participants running for a special cause!

So I thank everyone who made the run a huge success on so many levels and for bringing laughter and hope to families despite the rain.

One thought on “Clarity Through the Rain

  1. There is always sunshine, even on the darkest day, when people are willing to come out and help our community and its members. I worried all week about the weather too but, you built it and they came!! YOU do SO much – YOU are amazing!! It was wonderful to see all the people who were willing to put the good of the many before the good of the one – just themselves. They could have stayed home but they didn't. They came out b/c they know how important it is to help these kids and these families. Thank you to everyone who came out – volunteers, walkers, runners…all of you. Thank you! Colleen


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