Remembering an Amazing Young Man

One year ago today the world lost an incredible young man to cancer. Luke Romano.  I remember rushing down to the hospital when his mom told me he had been admitted.  Tropical Storm Irene ravaged the sky and the earth, sending sheets of rain as if all of creation was crying for the impending loss of someone who meant so much to so many.  The storm couldn’t stop close friends and family from visiting Luke.  Plus Luke wouldn’t continue on to the next part of his soul’s journey until he had finished everything he deemed necessary in this world. 

Even in the last few moments of his life, Luke put others before him.  His strength, bravery and indescribable determiination is something we can all strive for.  Luke taught us how to live and get the most out of life, but he also taught us how to die as we wish. 

He is missed by people his story left an impression upon and especially by his family and closest friends who feel his presence in everything they do. 

So I honor you Luke, miss you, and remember all that you gave to us. 

Stay Luke Strong.

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