I See a Flying Pig!

When someone says, “That’ll happen when pigs fly!” it means it won’t happen or the odds are stacked so high, it’s impossible.  In the world of cancer, it’s easy to think that cancer will be gone when pigs fly. Finding a cure so no one suffers anymore feels like an insurmountable goal, especially if your child is suffering. We let doubt slip into our minds when the doctors continue to come back with more bad news, raising the odds of healing.  That mountain gets bigger and you are exhausted thinking about the challenge.

Let me tell you how we are working toward sprouting wings on pigs.  This past weekend my close friends, the Marsal’s, held their 5th Annual Pig Roast in memory of Nick and to raise funds for the foundation.  Nick loved pig roasts and had gone to the very first one.  He was so excited to be there playing Dominoes, hanging with his friends, and yes eating some cooked pig. We had to leave early that night so Nick could start a round of chemo.  That was one of the few times I saw Nick sad. 

Nick in hat with Alex & Iris Marsal, his friend Connor & Wilbur the pig

We gave the Marsal’s some fun pig related items like a flying pig hat, sunglasses in the shape of flying pigs and an ornament of a pig flying.  Of course everyone laughed, but it instilled the fact that we believe cancer will be gone some day. We believe that every single act of kindness, every charitable event, the multiple hugs, and words of compassion can heal someone with cancer. Everyone who attended couldn’t help but feel inspired that they make a difference.

Thank you to the Marsal’s, Julian, and everyone who donated or attended Saturday’s pig roast. Your dedication moves me always.

Do you believe that pigs can fly?  I do and some day I’ll see it flying across the sky, smiling that cancer is gone.

2 thoughts on “I See a Flying Pig!

  1. It's a wonderful memory that we have of Nick and am so grateful to the Marsal's for always bringing him so much joy. Very happy that you are part of this event and that you raised such a wonderful daughter in Colleen! I couldn't do it without her!


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