Duct Tape Heals

Bri holding the duct tape wallet Alysia made for her.

I recently visited a special young lady in the hospital.  I met Bri two years ago when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at age 12.  Unfortunately, this courageous gal has relapsed and must face another cancer battle. I was really sad to hear this, since it is very close to Zach’s relapse, who I recently blogged about.

Bri filled out a Nick’s Comfort Bag survey that the foundation gives to patients ages 10+. Bri is very creative and is interested in duct tape arts and crafts.  It’s a big craze making wallets, bracelets, hair clips, and even dresses!  My niece, Alysia, has been making duct tape wallets for the past year and has become quite good at it.  I asked her if she would like to shop for Bri’s comfort bag and also select different duct tape patterns. She did and also decided to visit Bri in the hospital.

Alysia met Bri and showed her all the different styles and color wallets she has made.  She shared tips on creating them and Bri loved her pink and blue personalized wallet.  This visit had a positive impact on Bri, and meeting a new friend who shares her interests is a great distraction.  I was happy to see her, meet her sisters, and her grandmother.

Plus I think (and hope) going to the hospital was healing for Alysia, after losing her cousin to cancer.  It’s hard going back to a place with painful memories.  But Alysia thought beyond that and keeps Nick’s spirit alive by giving.

Bri, her little sister, and Alysia

Bri,keep fighting cancer and create duct tape magic! Alysia, I’m proud of you for using your gift to help others!

Spending time with someone who is sick or sad can change everyone’s life around.

Duct tape really does hold everything together!

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