Traveling the cancer journey with your child is long, painful, and often a roller coaster of humongous ups and downs. If your child is fortunate enough to get through treatment, they can begin to heal from the side effects–both physical and emotional.  The family also works on healing from the traumatic stress. For three years, give or take depending on the type of cancer, you have battled for your child’s life–always in reaction mode.  Now that’s done and you are given high hopes that if your child remains cancer free for five years, it’s considered remission.  Nothing to worry about, right?

Five years is a long time to wait and that small fear of relapse is always in the back of your mind.  Is joint pain just joint pain, a cold just a cold, or a headache just a headache? Many families have experienced the diagnosis of relapse and have been yanked back into a world they prayed was left behind.

As I scanned through Facebook, I came upon a status from an amazing woman who I met after Nick passed.  Nancy used her creative talent to give back after her son was doing well.  She created and produced a CD that is given to children with cancer.  The melodies are beautifully healing.  Her son, Zach, was just rediagnosed at age 10 after four years of hope.  In the positive manner that children possess, Zach told his mom that this time would be shorter.  This time.  He already knows what’s in store (although hopefully he doesn’t remember a lot). However, Zach doesn’t let cancer get him down.  He holds his family up with the strength and maturity that a 10-year-old should not need to have.

But like every cancer kid, Zach wants to deal with the cancer and get on with his life.  He wants to be a kid and swim with his friends.  So Zach has begun another cancer journey and if you’d like to follow his story and send him encouraging notes, please visit his website at

Zach we wish you the best and know that you will beat this disease and be cancer free. 

Fight to be Healed!

Zach in his dad’s fire gear.

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