I met Dionna when I brought her a Nick’s Comfort Bag. It was such a pleasure watching her pull each item out with excitement and appreciation. She loved the journal so she could practice her drawing.  The colors of the blanket were perfect and she absolutely loves peach–I gave her peach gum.  We just clicked in the first minutes we met. 

The best part about meeting Dionna was her contagious smile.  She greeted me like I was a long lost friend.  Her vibrant eyes sparkled with hope and promise.  She talked of her family, track, and school.

Cancer will not stand a chance next to this amazing young adult.  Only recently diagnosed, Dionna refuses to let cancer run her life. On her Twitter page she describes herself as Trackie 100% of the time & part time cancer patient.  Cancer will not define her.  She faces it head on so that she can get back to running, her friends, school, and her family.

Amazing kids facing the most daunting challenges.  Dionna is just one example of why Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation works all year raising money–so young people like Dionna can enjoy life to the fullest.

Fight to be Healed Dionna! We are fighting for you!

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