Riding for a Cure

Today my friend, Sandy, and I rode 50 miles in the Tour de Cure to support the American Diabetes Association.  It was a perfect day with over 2,000 people riding for a cure. I rode for two special people who are close to my heart. 
I rode for my mom who has lived with Type II Diabetes for most of her adult life–she is 72.  She manages her Diabetes well, but it’s a struggle sometimes to keep healthy blood sugar levels.
I also rode for my son, Nick.  When he was first diagnosed with Leukemia, the protocal was to treat him with Prednisone, a steroid, for one month.  He needed to continue this treatment into his second month since he didn’t reach remission.  Large amounts of Prednisone affect your blood sugar levels and it caused havoc on Nick’s system. In addition to receiving chemotherapy which made him terribly ill and fatigued, Nick had to check his sugar at every meal and receive shots of insulin.  It was one of the hardest things I had to do as a mother. For a 12-year-old it was a lot to take on, but he did it stoically. 
This experience with Nick gave me new respect for this disease and by maintaining a good diet and exercising, I can at least prevent Diabetes for me.  Not everyone can and I applaud them for staying healthy while living with Diabetes.
I talked to my mom after the ride and Nick? Well, he’s always with me when I ride.
Sandy and I after our 50 mile ride for Tour de Cure!

4 thoughts on “Riding for a Cure

  1. 50 miles!! You two are amazing. Someday..maybe someday..all these diseases will be defeated, people will not lose loved one to these disease and a ride like you just completed will be just for fun. Good for you.


  2. Ann, I couldn't agree with you more. Until that day, it's wonderful to be able to combine good deeds with personal passions. In addition to making a difference, everyone comes together to reach personal physical goals. If you can do that and raise money, everyone wins.


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