The Kindness of Others

On Wednesday, May 9, Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation held its 3rd Annual Fight Cancer with Amore fundraiser at the Lark Tavern in Albany. Rob Amore of Amore Clothing sponsors the event, reserves the venue, invites friends and business associates, and gathers raffles to raise money that supports local children fighting cancer. Rob and I went to The College of Saint Rose together, but had lost touch.  Three years ago we reconnected at our sons’ soccer game. 

The hardest part about meeting new people or meeting up with old friends is telling them Nick’s story.  Some people get it without having to go directly through the experience and some can’t wait to get away. Rob got it and has been supporting the foundation ever since.  Now  three years down the road I thought to myself, How do I build awareness and empathy with people who don’t know me, my child, or the foundation?

Well, that night I discovered that opening up to people and establishing an emotional connection is the path to empathy.  I spoke with a man who asked who Nick was.  When I explained that he is my son, his whole face softened. He lost his baby child.  We felt a connection in a crowded restaurant filled with strangers.  He clasped my hand and asked what he could do to help.

Besides the fact that financial support allows the foundation to assist more families with medical costs and other bills, his compassion helped me.  When I miss my son, it’s nice to know that others care and want to lend a helping hand.  The kindness of others nurtures healing and they are no longer considered strangers.

Thank you to all who showed kindess and generosity at this event and throughout the year.

Rob Amore and his wife, Rosella, enjoying the evening at the Lark Tavern.

3 thoughts on “The Kindness of Others

  1. It was a really good night..I loved seeing the college kids helping too. Nick's Fight to be Healed Foundation does so much to help families. I also think that it helps the students who are volunteering in so many ways..helps them build a sense of community and volunteering. So looking forward to your book in the fall. Education and getting to know children who have cancer through their own stories will be invaluable. Thanks


  2. Thanks for commenting, Ann!
    Education and awareness are key to helping families deal with cancer and beat it. When young adults get involved it allows them to feel empowered that they can make a difference. I think many young adults who have cancer like to give back because it is something they have control over. That in itself is empowering.


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