Welcome to the World of Pediatric Cancer

On July 4, 2008 my family was thrust into the world of pediatric cancer.  We had known cancer before with the death of my father at age 57.  But nothing prepares a parent for their child’s diagnosis.  My son, Nick, was diagnosed with Leukemia on the day of independence.  His independence and innocence was taken away at the blooming age of 12.  Four months later, after intense treatments and countless setbacks, I lost my wonderful son just two weeks after his 13th birthday.

This blog is not a reflection on my personal grief, although grief and pain will seep through my words.  Rather it is a celebration of my amazing son, the countless children, teens, and young adults who daily struggle with cancer, have beat this deadly disease or succumbed to it. 

When Nick died, our family and close friends began Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation in his memory.  We wanted to build awareness about this devastating disease, help other children heal, and connect with families who have lost their children.

As I grew closer to many families, I was amazed at the strength, resilience, and compassion of these young people.  They inspired me.  In this blog I will share their stories, persistence, and the strength of the famlies who fight alongside them every minute of every day.  It is a connection to the communities and other foundations who support these incredible families, as well as an outlet for anyone who has been touched by childhood cancer and need an avenue to deal with it. 

I encourage you to share your stories, your hopes, your sadness, so that one day there will be a world without cancer.

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